2017 - On The Road Again

Don't forget your paperworkFill
                those forms
And they are off...

Headford Road
Galway Bay Cycling Club show their colours.GBCC

Always a motor bike to lead the way
Motor bike

It is important to park up and take a break
Parked Bikes

Sorry lads, that 20,000 is not the prize money for the first cyclist home

                                                          MoneyPlenty of signs to show you the way

.. and road signs to show that you are on the way back home
Last Leg
Plenty of country roads to cover

And at least some are downhill
DownhillThat big smile must mean he is close to home
The roads get a bit busier as we get closer to the city again.
Busy roads
For the last kilometer you can just follow your noseBurgers

... and then the best burger you ever tasted.Burgers
                                                          QueueIt is good to compare notes afterwards
Medal and Snack
More photos available at  https://www.facebook.com/wlac.cycle/