APOLOGIES. The  Western Lakes and Atlantic Challenge will not take place in 2023

Western Lakes and Atlantic Challenge

The Western Lakes and Atlantic Challenge (WLAC) is a fun and challenging sportive cycling event with  two distances to choose from. A long 160k cycle for the endurance athlete, takes the cyclists through Connemara, and is the perfect goal for anyone who wants to get a long cycle done early in the year to set themselves up for a summer of racing, triathlon or recreational cycling.

We pride ourselves on the fact that many novices who take on this cycle are taking on the longest distance they have ever completed. And they are able to do it because they
are well looked after by our team.

On route there will be one food stop for the 100k and two for the 160k.

Photos of previous years event are posted to Facebook at


Cyclists Ready to Start

  • 160km Cycle
  • 100km Cycle